Introducing a breakthrough innovation in everyday banking.

Enhance your business banking experience with our digital deposit technology. Save time and money, avoid overtime costs, increase efficiency and insights, and upgrade your cash transactions (including Cheques, FX and Coins).

Bank Better with #dgtl

Browse the benefits of going #dgtl

Built specifically to serve the financial institutions and their clients in every market globally

QR Code Engine

Our one of a kind QR Code Engine integrates powerful backend processes with intuitive frontend mobile access for batch or single deposits

Digital Deposit Slips

Digital deposit slips are linked to each QR Code, Institution (Bank or CU), and Customer

Cash + Cheques + FX

Deposit cash, cheques and foreign exchange digitally from a single, intuitive interface

Analytics & Reporting

Generate reports by user, company and transaction type for easy data extraction and insights

Secure & Accelerated Deposits

Biometrics, MFA, Auto deposit summation help eliminate human error, manual processes and data leaks

Mobile Banking

Night deposits & over the counter cash deposits are now part of the mobile banking experience

How it works

IIC Digital Deposits is a turnkey cash deposit and reporting platform built from the ground up to digitize, streamline and innovate cash deposit transactions. The platform supports everything from night bags (containing checks, cash, coins and foreign currency) to ATM deposits, to over the counter cash deposits made by businesses, entrepreneurs and other clients.

3 Easy Steps to Deposit Cash

1. Scan

Scan a QR code assigned by your bank and include with your cash/checks in your night bag or envelope

2. Deposit

Fill and submit the Digital Deposit Slip, using the #dgtl app and drop off using the ATM, Night Deposit Shoot, or Over the Counter

3. Verify

Scan your customer’s QR Code, Verify the contents of the bag or envelope and approve the deposit.


Turn your cash deposits into dgtl deposits.

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